the Writhe of Pride

withering like a dead flower.

28 May
About Reina/Evone:
I'm a Jrock Visual Kei fanatic. I don't look like one but I am one. I love designing, fashion, music, poetry and photography. They make up most of my life. I respect and look up to the GazettE's Ruki and Dir en Grey's Kyo for their lyrics-writing talents. I bend more towards the "dark" side of visual kei since the "light" side is not very "Me".

Those who know me, knows I'm an avid fan of the GazettE, for almost 5 years now. They have obvious reasons to be addicted to. My wishes now are to join Heresy and attend their lives at least once.

And as a designer, I am pretty much sensitive to colours. My style are usually towards the perfect blending and strong colours. I'm aiming to be a good web and print designer. Let's see.

I blog in my ameblo blog most of the time.
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